Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sorry, Charlee.

(Or Sorry, You Dialed The Wrong Number)

So I seem to be in the minority here...

But the rest of y'all in are flaming a man who just happened to brilliantly help save my life due to struggling with severe depression...

I had to hear the video myself to find out the following:

"No one questions the nobility and the honor of these men and women who are serving... God bless your stepson... and God bless him." -Richard Belzer to Ros-Lehtinen on Bill Maher in March.

Link to the Video: http://newsbusters.org/media/2006-03-17-HBORTBM.wmv

So now I know three things -- that my "distant" cousin / big brother:

1) is seeing something everyone else is missing

2) he didn't even get a chance to actually share his real opinion

3) The congresswoman -- Republican by title only -- distracted folks from her real agenda, whatever that is, by using emotional manipulation techniques.

And then without bothering to check her background, y'all just happily turned a decent guy into a Scape Goat... (during Passover).

So you think that you've never ever in your whole life been frustrated or annoyed with emotional manipulation? .... that you have never said or did something that you had to apologize for...

That you can cast stones at the rest of the us when we trip over our tongues?

When what we really wanted to do is smack someone with a rubber chicken for having a hidden agenda, but we held back?

May our hull plating depolarize and those stones bounce back at you...

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

Kind Regardz.


Lauren J. said...

Well, ya know Ms. Ros-Lehtinen?

You're the only one who hit below the belt...

And I thought you (R)'s were above that sorta thing.

"Patrick Q" said...

And just what were you doing on Univision, Ms Republican??