Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mr. Funni Is A Cross-Eyed Cat

According to Joan Rivers:
"Comedy is masculine. To stand up and take control of a audience verbally is very difficult. Women are oppressed in childhood and not allowed to do this. Also, women want to be attractive, and comics are not supposed to be that way."

(Actually polished-purrty fingernails get in the way of playing any sort of instrument, especially the guitar or typewriter...just ask my Mama. Now for those folks who's Mamas had to play Daddy, too--well we saw a different kind of lady with inner strength. Mine used to sing country music. Beautiful voice of a beautiful woman who had that audience enraptured... thanks for the inspiration, Mom.)

Yet Joan admits: "Shocking people is my job. Good comedy is never "nicey-nice"--comedy deflates hypocrisy. If everybody loves you--never mind your act--get on the shelf and put the oxygen away... It's over."

(And some have nothing to loose by getting heckled...and laughter to gain. After performing before a guy with a sawed off shotgun... I think I can handle a few insults... growl...
=^..^= )

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Da Katz & Reni said...

Hecklers are funny...like they forgot their childhoodz.

I mean don't they know I heard it all before in Public School?

If you think I had comebacks then... stick around.

You ain't heard nothin yet.