Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sorry, Charlee.

(Or Sorry, You Dialed The Wrong Number)

So I seem to be in the minority here...

But the rest of y'all in are flaming a man who just happened to brilliantly help save my life due to struggling with severe depression...

I had to hear the video myself to find out the following:

"No one questions the nobility and the honor of these men and women who are serving... God bless your stepson... and God bless him." -Richard Belzer to Ros-Lehtinen on Bill Maher in March.

Link to the Video: http://newsbusters.org/media/2006-03-17-HBORTBM.wmv

So now I know three things -- that my "distant" cousin / big brother:

1) is seeing something everyone else is missing

2) he didn't even get a chance to actually share his real opinion

3) The congresswoman -- Republican by title only -- distracted folks from her real agenda, whatever that is, by using emotional manipulation techniques.

And then without bothering to check her background, y'all just happily turned a decent guy into a Scape Goat... (during Passover).

So you think that you've never ever in your whole life been frustrated or annoyed with emotional manipulation? .... that you have never said or did something that you had to apologize for...

That you can cast stones at the rest of the us when we trip over our tongues?

When what we really wanted to do is smack someone with a rubber chicken for having a hidden agenda, but we held back?

May our hull plating depolarize and those stones bounce back at you...

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

Kind Regardz.

A True Heroine

(Helen Szenes -- A near "spittin' image" of my mama)

Eli Eli / My God, My God
Genesis 22:17-18

Eli Eli she’lo igamer le’olam
Hacho ve’hayam rish’rush shel hamayim
Ver’rak hashamayim t’filat ha’adam

My God, My God, may it never end
The sand of the sea, the Sound of the waves
The brightness of the sky, and man’s prayer

Hanna Szenes (or Chana Senesh) was born in Budapest, Hungary on July 17, 1921. Her father was a playwright and newspaper columnist who died when she was six. Nonetheless, she and her year-older brother, George, were reared in a middle-class, assimilated home by their mother, Catherine. With rising anti-Jewish activity in Hungary, Szenes became a Zionist and yearned to go to the Jewish homeland.

She wrote in her journal: "The thought that now occupies my every waking moment is Palestine. Everything in connection with it interests me, everything else is entirely secondary." To Hannah's surprise, George also became a Zionist while studying at a university in France.

Just after her 18th birthday, Szenes got her papers to immigrate to Israel. Upon her arrival, she fell upon the sand at the seashore of Caesarea and afterward wrote this beautiful prayer of Hope, Eli, Eli (My God, My God). Later she went to agricultural college and worked the land on a kibbutz.

But Hannah also had an unwavering desire to help her brethren. She found herself in contact with a group forming to rescue European Jewry. Along with 32 other Jews, she formally joined the British army and was trained as a parachutist in Cairo. Their mission: parachute into Europe, help Allied pilots that had been shot down, assist local efforts against the Nazis and aid in smuggling Jews to safety in then-Palestine. Szenes went to Yugoslavia, where she helped pilots and partisans.

After a while, she grew dissatisfied when many of the partisans were not interested in helping Jews escape. When Germany began deporting Jews from her native Hungary, Szenes bravely crossed the border with a French partisan and two escaping Jews. Caught by a Hungarian Nazi patrol and brutally beaten, Szenes refused to give information regarding her mission.
November 7, 1944, Hannah (and her team) were sentenced to death for treason and executed by firing squad. Her only crime? Saving little children from going to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Refusing the blindfold, she stared squarely into the eyes of her executioners.

In 1950, Szenes's remains were flown to Israel and reburied on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem with six other parachutists who died during their heroic mission.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Start Small

Few things are impossible to diligence and skill.
Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.
-Samuel Johnson English author, critic, & lexicographer (1709 - 1784)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Mabel Normand - Queen of Comedy

One brilliantly beautiful funni lady who daringly braved the new frontier of film.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mr. Funni Is A Cross-Eyed Cat

According to Joan Rivers:
"Comedy is masculine. To stand up and take control of a audience verbally is very difficult. Women are oppressed in childhood and not allowed to do this. Also, women want to be attractive, and comics are not supposed to be that way."

(Actually polished-purrty fingernails get in the way of playing any sort of instrument, especially the guitar or typewriter...just ask my Mama. Now for those folks who's Mamas had to play Daddy, too--well we saw a different kind of lady with inner strength. Mine used to sing country music. Beautiful voice of a beautiful woman who had that audience enraptured... thanks for the inspiration, Mom.)

Yet Joan admits: "Shocking people is my job. Good comedy is never "nicey-nice"--comedy deflates hypocrisy. If everybody loves you--never mind your act--get on the shelf and put the oxygen away... It's over."

(And some have nothing to loose by getting heckled...and laughter to gain. After performing before a guy with a sawed off shotgun... I think I can handle a few insults... growl...
=^..^= )